April 2020 - Meet this month’s best seller - Mibo Royal

Check out the this versatile, folding-frame Mibo footbike!


The Mibo Royal is a strong, multi-purpose footbike for those seeking versatility but in a slightly larger size than the Mibo Mastr. Due to its compact footprint when folded, the Royal is a great choice for city dwellers looking to save space or for adventure seekers throwing it in the trunk for a roadtrip.
The Royal is sized for both younger and older riders, including those up to 6’5” in height. Taller riders may need a Handlebar Riser / ExtenderThe 20” cruiser tires ride smoothly and handle all variety of terrain. Like other Mibo models, Shimano 4000 brakes ensure efficient and dependable speed control.
All Mibo footbikes are handmade in small batches in the Czech Republic.
Colors: Black / White / Turquoise / Steel Blue
Frame: Steel / Folding
Ground Clearance: Approx. 2” (4.5 cm)
Wheels: Novatec 20”
Brakes: Shimano 4000
Tires: Schwalbe Road Cruiser / 20x1.75”
Handlebars: BMX-style, steel, adjustable height / 38.6-41.3” (98-105cm)
Other: Integrated Kickstand / Bell
Electric: EV conversion kit available
Fixed frame available, model name Express
Total Length: 5.25’ (1.6 m)
Footboard: Approx. 17x 4” (43 cm x 8 cm)
Weight: 25.4 lbs (11.5 kg)
Weight Capacity: 330 lbs (150 kg)
Warranty: 5-year for frame defects